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Best Clenbuterol Alternative For Your Clenbuterol Cycle

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Techniques to lose weight and gain muscle while using Clenbuterol

Losing weight and adding muscle mass can be somewhat of a daunting task, especially if you are new to working out and dieting. Taking supplements to increase the results sometimes can throw a wrench into the mix as you ask yourself “what is the best way to take these?”. With Clenbuterol, you understand that the all-natural supplement is intended to increase your endurance during your workout as well as block your appetite, how you cycle the supplement is greatly dependent upon your needs and expectations.

Why should you cycle supplements?

Even though our Clenbuterol is safe to use without any negative effects, it is still a supplement. The body, regardless of what is added to it, can grow accustomed to the pill and the effects can become minimized. Our bodies naturally crave more and more of what it likes. If you are properly taking the Clenbuterol but not cycling, the body will treat it much in the same way that it does when you have coffee, an energy drink, or any other accelerant. And while the supplement has an appetite suppressant, if taken every day, the suppressant will gradually loose its effect.
Taking time off from Clenbuterol, or any supplement or steroid for that matter is advised. You do not want to be dependent upon them to get your results. Proper diet and exercise is always the best way to achieve results. When you take time off from consumption but continue to work out and eat properly, your body continues to burn fat and build muscle. When you reintroduce Clenbuterol after a waiting period, the results are amplified as the body treats it as a new thing rather than something it has grown accustom to.

The two day on and two days off strategy

This is not a beginner strategy, as the body tends to work against the supplement if you are not accustomed to taking a steroid alternative. Those which have conditioned the body to accept supplements will find that this method shocks the system. Just like a workout routine should not have the same weight and reps every single day, says shapefit, or your body will become used to the exercise and you won’t see growth, so should you not take the same dosage of Clenbuterol every day. The two day on and two days off method gives your body a chance to adjust for the supplement and then takes the natural ingredients away. The body craves the supplement and so the next time you take Clenbuterol the results, specifically, the metabolic rate of your body is increased.
The main reason that you may wish to attempt the Burst Cycle (as it is sometimes referred to) is to mimic the body’s natural way of adding muscle and growth. While we do grow slowly over time, most of the substantial growth and shrinkage is done rather quickly. Growth spurts, adding poundage of fat, and such generally occur within a short time frame. By using the Clenbuterol Cycle of two on and two off, you are mimicking the burst and can, theoretically, add muscle mass and lose weight quicker.

Going cold turkey

Where the name may suggest that this Clenbuterol cycle is an absence from the supplement, such is not the case. suggest that “if you aren’t cycling your supplements, then maybe it’s time you thought about what you’re dong to your body”. By this, they mean that supplements and any external additive to the body will become tolerated by the body over time. Yes, you can safely use our version of Clenbuterol and there are not adverse effects. However, just like your body will get used to you drinking down 3 cups of coffee without having any added adrenaline rush, so will the body get used to the supplement if taken every day.
The Clenbuterol cycle of going cold turkey suggests that you take the supplement for an allotted amount of time. This can range from 7 days to several weeks. When you reach the targeted amount of time, then you stop taking Clenbuterol or any other supplement for at least half the time that you were taking the supplement. For example, if you take Clenbuterol for 4 weeks, then you should refrain from taking any supplements for 2 weeks thereafter. This allows your body to cool down from the effects of the supplement as well as to get used to the effects of the drug. The two weeks off also allows the body not to build up a tolerance for Clenbuterol, thus increasing the effectiveness of the supplement.
Perhaps the biggest reason that you would want to choose this method over the burst cycle is that the body tends to adjust better to this technique. While the burst technique is good for those whose body’s are accustom to stop and go intake, it takes a bit longer for the body to adjust to such shocks if you are newer.

The gradual increase cycle

Those which are a bit cautious of taking a supplement may wish to use the incremental approach to taking clenbuterol. This is a common method with any drug, not just supplements and natural alternative pills. Because the person may not wish to shock the system, or because the person may be concerned with the stress which the ingredients could put upon the body, he or she may wish to start out with a small dosage and build up the tolerance to it. While this may result in an extended amount of time for the person to see results, it could be a safer alternative for certain individuals, especially those which have a tendency to react adversely to medication and supplemental treatments.
If you chose to use this Clenbuterol cycle, take the lowest dosage advised for a few weeks. It will do no good if you take one pill on the first day, two on the second, and the full 3 on day three. Take one pill for several weeks and let your body adjust. Then increase to a higher dosage, and finally take the full dosage once enough time has elapsed.

Smart Cycling

Every person is different and you should check with your dietitian or doctor before you attempt to take on a Clenbuterol Cycle. As the supplement is generally the accompaniment to a lifestyle change, check with your physician to see if your body can safely handle the increase in metabolism and the appetite suppressant. While our Clenbuterol is manufactured from 100% natural ingredients according to the FDA standards, you may still experience common workout side effects including increased heart rate, headaches sweating, muscle cramps, dry mouth, and insomnia. If any of these side effects occur and you are concerned, contact a medical professional.
What is right for one person may or may not be right for you.

Where should you purchase your Clenbuterol?

It is critical that you only purchase the natural alternative to Clenbuterol and not other alternatives which are on the market. Clenbuterol which is not natural is illegal and not intended for human consumption. Our all natural alternative is safe, to FDA standards, and has been scientifically tested. Only purchase Clenbuterol from the manufacturer or from a distributor who works directly with the manufacturer, and always take the supplement as intended.